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A Business Profile of Nicholas (Nick) Assef

December 22, 2022

In addition to plenty of business experience and business education in his background, investment Nick Assef also has a significant level of legal education and experience, as well. He holds a Bachelor of Law Honors degree from Bond University Law School and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from University of Technology Sydney. That is one way he provides an advantage to clients; he can also see the legal consequences of any decision. Nick’s overall business philosophy is embedded in the core principles of his firm, Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited. It’s a big reason the firm strives to provide clients with a lot more than other investment advisory companies. They guide clients to their goals with innovative thinking and the best independent advice possible.

While Nicholas Assef is known a tenacious negotiator, he tries to make sure clients are treated right. Even before he gains so much career Nicholas Assef gained plenty of education. Besides a coveted Post Graduate degree in Valuation from the prestigious Harvard Business School, he also earned an MBA at the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School. His education wasn’t just in business, however.